Site update: Lamsafication

You may have noticed some slight modifications to the Zombie Bible Commentary in the last day or so.  I have decided to revise all Biblical quotations (except in the foundational post) to be from the same translation: the Lamsa Bible.  Rather than engage in the ongoing argument about which Bible is the most accurate, easiest to understand, etc. the Zombie Bible Commentary has chosen the most zombie worthy translation, that of George M. Lamsa.  Unlike most English language Bibles that are translated from the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek originals*, the Lamsa Bible is a translation of the Syriac Peshitta version of the Bible.**  In fact, it is the only complete translation of the Syriac into English.  In addition to being the only complete translation of the Syriac, it is a ridiculous translation of it that somehow manages to continue to remain in print despite it being one of the most absurd Bible translations in English.  It is because this Bible continues to die the cruel death of academic ridicule without actually going away, that it has been determined to be the most zombie worthy translation.

Fear not, in cases where an alternate translation is needed, one will be provided.

*Additionally, respectable translations will consider the Targums (Aramaic), Septuagint (Greek), and Vulgate (Latin) texts in their translation efforts.

**Syriac is a dialect of Aramaic with a literary tradition centered around Edessa.  The ancient translation of the Bible into Syriac continues to be an useful tool for Biblical scholars as well as the liturgical language of two linguistic branches of the Christian family tree: the East-Syrian and West-Syrian rites.


2 Responses to “Site update: Lamsafication”

  1. debbie ryniker Says:

    didn’t know any of that…………was that so bad?

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