Genesis 1-2

Zombie Origins?

It may be troubling for the zombie enthusiast to find no mention of zombies in either of the Biblical creation myths.  It is worth remembering that in the first creation story (Gen. 1-2:3), the stages of creation focus on categories of things, rather than lists of specifics.  Noticeably absent from this list are the dinosaurs, for instance.  In the second creation story (Gen. 2:4-2:25) the main thrust is on the primordial man and woman with almost no mention of other creatures.  In a general sense, then, the zombie enthusiast can read the creation stories in Genesis similarly to everyone else, as myth that simply does not address much outside of their intended purpose: a liturgical exposition of the formation of the earth out of chaos by Elohim (first creation story) and a pastoral story of the first couple, Eden, and their evolving relationship with YHWH (second creation story).

It may be disappointing to zombie enthusiasts, but there is simply nothing in the first two chapters of Genesis that addresses zombies.  It is not until Genesis 4 that the first zombie reference occurs with the story of Cain and Abel where the cause of the first instance of zombie regeneration is left obscure.


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